Wedding day Lipstick that will.not.budge.

The only lipstick primer I’ve used, unless I’m totally forgetting something, is MAC prep prime. It’s something I was sold years and years ago and I just decided that was going to be it.
I forgot to pack it when I headed up north for the summer festivities, including my sister’s wedding! So I ran over to the store one day and began looking around for lipstick primers.
So I looked. . .
and I looked. . .
And I found that not a lot of brands carry lipstick primer, either that or I just couldn’t easily find them.
I finally asked for help and was directed over to the Too Faced section. I picked up the lip insurance primer and went on my way.
I was so pleased with how it made my ALREADY long-wear lipstick last that I had to share it with you today!
I’m recreating this, of course, but this was my 2 step lipstick routine for my sister’s wedding day in which I didn’t have to reapply ONE SINGLE TIME!
First, on dry lips apply a thin later of Too Faced Lip Insurance primer. Let dry for 15 seconds.

Next, apply lip color of choice! I went with my new favorite from NARS (in shade “sex machine”) which is, in itself, already very long-wearing.

Then live and enjoy perfect lipstick for at least 6-8 hours.

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