10 Fantastic Beauty Tips For Any Woman

Getting gorgeous makes it really fun to be a girl! Learn new and better ways of achieving knock-out results with the following tips. They apply to virtually any woman, at any age with any personality. Every girl loves to learn new ways of enhancing her looks, so keep reading!

1. Tweeze with ease. Don’t make a big fuss over tweezing; experts say this job is nearly always over-done anyway. Simply pluck strays and fill in your eye-brows with a colored pencil that is one shade lighter than their color.

2. Get a home spa. Micro-cleansing machines can give you the full effect of an expensive spa treatment. They do wonders at exfoliating and leave your skin looking fresh and feeling tingly.

3. Experiment with nail color. Olive might not be your first inclinations when it comes to nail polish, but it’s surprisingly complementary to any skin tone or hair color. Subtle shades of brown and deep blues can wake up your manicure routine and add serious style to your look.

4. Use keratin kits for knock-out hair. Straight hair is in, but you can’t get the look with a lot of split-ends or frizz; buy a kit that contains keratin and your hair will have a smooth, healthy look that transforms you into Hollywood gorgeous.

Tips For Any Woman

5. Give your make-up a make-over. Stop using run of the mill products that aren’t good for your skin, especially around the eyes. Look for soybean extract, seaweed and other natural ingredients in your cosmetics. They can provide longer wearing time and don’t damage skin the way traditional chemically-contrived products do.

7. Try a new cut. Nothing shakes up your look like a fresh cut, and if you’re feeling a little out-dated or simply in need of something different, try a different trim. Without losing length, the edges of hair can have geometric patterns or a zigzag, giving you New York-level style and sophistication.

8. Add volume with your hairbrush. New lines of hairbrushes feature different bristles and shapes that serve various purposes; look for big round brushes to add volume in a snap or close-cropped bristles to straighten and smooth hair.

9. Fatten up sparse eye-lashes. Medical science finally has help for people born with barely-there lashes. Ask your health care professional about prescriptions strength products that can add a lot of depth and dimension, or ask a pharmacist about over the counter kits. In just a few weeks you can have the amazing lashes you’ve always wanted.

10. Add color or high-lights for sparkle and shine. A bright new color can liven up your whole face; try a soft shade of red or strawberry! If you’re not so daring, seek out gentle highlights that will enhance your hair more quietly. Try out the color on a small section of hair underneath the layers, such as close to the neck, so you can see what it will look like before committing to it.

Beauty is sometimes about bravery; your next fabulous look may come from a few unexpected changes! Experiment and enjoy the process of adding more beauty to your life.