10 Tips For Simply Gorgeous Hair

No, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get great locks. Just pick up a few professional tips from trusted sources and implement them every day. Start with the following expert-recommended advice and your hair will show remarkable improvement immediately.

1. Zigzag. Rather than making a straight part in your hair, zigzag it to add style and conceal roots. This can buy you a few extra days before having to make an appointment with your colorist and it add a new dimension to your whole appearance.

2. Start at the top. Brushing your hair every night is a great habit to be in, but if you aren’t starting from the roots, you’re losing out. Beneficial oils rest at the root and when you start there with your brush, you distribute those oils throughout all of your hair.

3. Be exact with your stylist. Don’t hesitate to bring in photos or clips from a magazine demonstrating the exact results you are looking for from your cut, style or color. Explain everything right down to the last snip and you will be much more pleased with your results.

4. Rinse special treatments out with cold water. Conditioners work better when you seal the cuticles in cold water! This also helps to promote a healthier shine all over.

Gorgeous Hair

5. Wear a scarf or hat in bright sunshine. Your scalp is susceptible to sun damage and so is your hair; always cover it up if you’re going to be spending a few minutes or more outside. If your hair is light or particularly thin, dab some sunscreen onto your palms and work it through the ends of your hair.

6. Fix flat hair in a snap. Simply lean forward and toss your hair toward the floor, spray some styling fix at the roots and run your fingers over your scalp. Repeat a few times and your hair will instantly have volume and bounce.

7. Use fabric static-guard to stop frizz. Especially in winter, frizz can take over your entire head of hair; keep a mini-size static-guard bottle in your purse and spray your brush prior to sweeping it downward through your hair.

8. Know what’s in your shampoo and conditioner if you color. Read the list of ingredients and don’t buy anything that contains sulfates. These can be especially harsh on hair that is colored. Look instead for natural and chemical-free products especially formulated for colored hair.

9. Never trim at the hairline on the neck. Don’t allow your stylist to either! This area will have the craziest cowlick you’ve ever seen as it grows back out. No style really necessitates a cut here, so leave it be.

10. Sleep on satin. Popping on a satin or silk pillowcase will help hold your style and manageability longer. Especially if you are prone to morning snarls, the softer surface will be kinder to hair and sleep will cause less damage.

Great hair is a big part of being beautiful; take good care of your locks and use expert advice with your daily routine. Follow the tips above and get hair that says “wow” at first glance!