A Guide to Caring For Your Skin and Hair in the Winter

While winter brings a much needed break from the harsh heat of the summer, it also poses some unique challenges when it comes to your beauty routine. In particular, many people suffer from dry skin and hair as the weather grows cooler. If you are concerned about your appearance, read on for a few simple tips that will ensure your look remains flawless.

Simply because it isn’t as hot out doesn’t mean that you should cut back on the amount of sunscreen you wear. Your face, in particular, still needs protection even in the winter. An easy way to accomplish this is by choosing to wear a foundation that has a built-in SPF. You’ll be getting the protection you need without having to spend any extra time, or put any extra thought, into taking care of your skin.

Get in the habit of applying moisturizer to your skin each evening before bed. This will give the product a chance to really work, as it can soak in while you are sleeping. The end result is that you will wake up in the morning with soft glowing skin, and it will help you feel better even after you are exposed to the cold during the day.

woman with towel on the head

Certain areas of your skin will constantly be exposed to the winter weather, even if you feel that you have bundled up pretty effectively. For example, even with a scarf and a hat on, your eyes will generally not be covered. Therefore, it is important to look for a moisturizer that was specifically meant to be applied to this area. It will help cut down on the small wrinkles and puffiness that you might encounter otherwise.

Don’t forget about your hair. Many people notice an increase in dandruff during the winter. This is partly due to the cold and partly due to the fact that there is less sunlight during these months. Address the problem head on by purchasing a shampoo that has pyrithione zinc in it. Not only will it do a great job getting your hair clean, it will help to eliminate (or at least seriously reduce) the amount of dandruff that you see.

Finally, try to follow your normal beauty routine as much as possible, unless you notice that something isn’t working for you. Typically, if you care for your skin well during the other seasons, it will continue to be healthy in the winter, too, if you follow the same procedures. Still, stay vigilant. The Internet can be a wonderful resource; since many others struggle with their skin and hair in the winter, their reviews of which products work (and which ones don’t) could be invaluable to you.

Caring for your skin and hair in the winter can be a challenge. If you want to avoid dryness, take the tips included above to heart. You should be able to find something that will work for you and keep your skin looking radiant even when it is cold outside.