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Double Edge Razor

Give Your Man A Feather All Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor

  Feather SS Double Edge AS-D2S Razor  The Feather Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor is a beautiful, sleek, sophisticated shaving razor. It makes a great gift for the well groomed man. This stainless steel Double Edge razor comes along with an all stainless steel stand as well. The Feather double edge razor has actually a hole…

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Keep Your Skin Healthy All Winter Long

Keeping your skin healthy is on a regular basis is important all year round. In the winter, our skin is exposed to a much more harsh environment. Under these circumstances it is much easier for our skin to dry out. This is true not only from the exterior cold weather, but also from the heat…

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Tips To Maintain Your Beauty

The secret to Long Term Beauty   It is a myth that beauty is something that fades with time. There are many people who remain beautiful no matter what their age might be. So what do you think are their secrets to remaining beautiful throughout the years? Actually, the answer to this question might surprise…

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Condition Your Skin Beautifully With The Items You Find In Your Kitchen!

Commercial facial masks, creams and moisturizers are generally speaking quite expensive and chemical laden. When you give yourself a beauty treatment with products you buy in the store, you expose yourself to a potentially toxic mix of ingredients that frequently have very little to do with beauty. It doesn’t have to be that way! Before…

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Simple Tips For A Gorgeous Complexion

Most women simply don’t put enough thought into skin care until it’s reflected in their face, either by age or poor habits. Learn the right ways of taking care of your skin as early as possible and never skimp on your skin-care routine. The following tips will help you hold on to your gorgeous! 1.…

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How To Self Tan For The Best Results

Everyone wishes they could have a golden tan year round and often don’t have time to visit the old tanning booth regularly. Never fear if this sounds like you since there is a way to reach that goal and it sits on the shelves in your favorite department store. Self tanning products are readily available…

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A Guide to Caring For Your Skin and Hair in the Winter

While winter brings a much needed break from the harsh heat of the summer, it also poses some unique challenges when it comes to your beauty routine. In particular, many people suffer from dry skin and hair as the weather grows cooler. If you are concerned about your appearance, read on for a few simple…

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