Expert Tips For Eyes That Bring Out Your Best Look

Few things are more attractive on a woman than beautifully done eyes. The color can be softly accentuated and the lashes played up into full-flirt mode. Learn how to maximize the impact of your eye make-up with the following expert-recommended tips and tricks.

1. Always use TLC. The skin around your eyes is the most delicate on your face. Be gentle in your techniques and with the products you use. Remove all eye makeup with a specially formulated product before going to bed and never apply or take off by rubbing, dab instead. Consult a professional if your eyes are extra sensitive or prone to reactions.

2. Reduce puffiness. Especially after a late night or stressful time, eyes look weary and puffy; use a cold compress to make them look fresh again. Apply under the eyes and on lids for 15 seconds on then 15 seconds off until they are bright and smooth. For particularly problem eyes, use a bag from your stash of green tea. One under each eye for five minutes should calm the skin and minimize puffiness.

3. Leave lower lashes bare. Applying mascara to your bottom lashes actually makes your eyes look dark and hangs a shadow under your eyes, emphasizing circles. Use it only on the upper level and sweep extra on the outside corners to lift up with a glamorous cat-like look.

Expert Tips For Eyes

4. Deviate from black mascara once in a while. Especially at the office or other professional atmosphere, black mascara can look overly dramatic. Try a soft brown for a gentle, pretty look or a brown-black mix that takes the edge off.

5. Prime lids. Getting powder shadow to stay in place is challenging; prime your lids with a dab of foundation or moisturizer and work in well. After a minute or two, try applying shadow. It will stick where you put it and stay there all day.

6. Open up your eyes. Applying a light color shadow, like a soft gold or deep ivory, along the inside corners of your eyes will brighten and make them look bigger. Highlight along the brow-bone with the same color to add shimmer and a glamorous touch.

7. Less is more under eyes. Too much of anything under eyes can cause the area to become puffy and will enhance dark circles. Avoid excess moisturizer and stick to a few dabs of concealer applied with your middle finger, which will minimize pressure. The skin under eyes is especially delicate and hyper-responsive to chemicals.

8. The slippery, smudgy eye-liner. Most pencil eyeliners tend to smudge and smear where you don’t want them to. Get this under control by dipping the tip in a similar colored powder eye shadow before applying. This will reduce moisture, thus eliminating the smudge-factor.

It doesn’t take a lot to learn how to do your eyes with expertise and create a playful and attractive effect. Use these tips to enhance your look wherever you are off to and experiment some; eyes are meant to really speak to people without you ever having to say a word!