How To Self Tan For The Best Results

Everyone wishes they could have a golden tan year round and often don’t have time to visit the old tanning booth regularly. Never fear if this sounds like you since there is a way to reach that goal and it sits on the shelves in your favorite department store. Self tanning products are readily available and easy to use as long as you prepare your skin properly for the best adhesion and appearance. This article will inform you of what you need to do to have a luxurious golden shade year round without much money or time being spent.

Finding a great product is the first and most important thing you need to do when it comes to self tanning. There are several shades and brands available so the decision will be a difficult one to make. Look for reputable brands that have a long lasting effect with a true shade. Some of the lesser known or cheaper products have a fake orange tint that is horrible to look at and worse to have on you so choose a quality product to ensure the most realistic looking tan possible. Read the information on the can to compare staying times and again choose one that doesn’t fade a few hours and doesn’t fade quickly, like when you wash your hands or when clothing moves against it.

How To Self Tan

Exfoliating your skin will allow proper adhesion to the skin. If you apply the tan on top of dead or dry skin, the color will be uneven and will come off of those areas rather quickly. You need a good foundation to put the base coat on so make sure the skin is clean and the pores are open. Nothing is worse that dark or light areas that stand out due to not exfoliating the skin beforehand so this is also a must for your checklist.

Wait the appropriate time after shaving for the best quality tan. Remember that shaving cream and lotions are a form of soap and it will have an effect of your spray base if you do not wash the areas shaved and allow for the proper drying time. Not doing so can often lead to lighter areas or a base that doesn’t dry effectively and wears off onto your clothing quite easily. Follow the instructions when it comes to using spray tan on areas that have been shaved.

Always wear rubber gloves when applying a self tanning product. Not doing so could leave very dark areas on your hands that doesn’t not match your tan and is extremely uneven. You are applying a liquid or creme type product and it will be a bit messy if proper care is not taken so grab a few pairs of rubber gloves when you pick up your self tanning product.

Self tanning can be a great way to look your best at a nice price. It is rather easy to apply and with the proper skin care before application, it will withstand everyday activities and make you look your best for a decent period of time before the need to apply again.