Simple Tips For A Gorgeous Complexion

Most women simply don’t put enough thought into skin care until it’s reflected in their face, either by age or poor habits. Learn the right ways of taking care of your skin as early as possible and never skimp on your skin-care routine. The following tips will help you hold on to your gorgeous!

1. Always protect your skin with sunscreen. No matter if it looks cloudy out or you’re just going to run a few errands, sunscreen is a skin-saver. Get one with a strong SPF (greater than 15) and that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays, preferably waterproof (for staying power, not just swimming) and check the expiration date of bottles in your bathroom. Sunscreen doesn’t just preserve beauty, it can prevent skin cancer.

2. Wear movie-star sunglasses. Big over-sized sunglasses look glamorous, but they also help protect more of the delicate skin around your eyes. Crows-feet often come with excess exposure to the sun and the thin layer beneath the eyes looks prematurely weathered. Go for a dramatic look or stick with something simple, just make sure your glasses pull double-duty in eye care.

Gorgeous Complexion

3. Exfoliate within limits. Exfoliation helps get rid of old skin cells on the surface, but when done too frequently or with harsh chemicals, completely defeats the purpose to begin with. Skin becomes red and irritated and even more vulnerable when over-exfoliated so limit the number of times you do it in a week and use very gently products.

4. Vent stress regularly. Nothing wears a girl’s skin out faster than stress, with the possible exception of smoking. Get creative in how you handle stress and make getting rid of it fun. Take a class in Yoga, relax in a warm bath or just knock out some push-ups to your favorite iTunes. However you chose to vent stress, make sure it’s effective and that you do it as often as necessary.

5. Beautify from the inside out. Fresh fruits and vegetables, along with lots of water will build beauty from within. Your skin is an organ and as such, needs nourishment and hydration. Go for variety in color with your produce and stick to bottled water if possible; excess fluoride and other chemicals in public drinking water is known to have a negative effect on the appearance of skin and pose other hazards to health as well.

6. Always wash before going to bed. Experts consider going to bed without gently cleansing your face to be a Cardinal sin in skin care! This is the time your skin needs to rejuvenate and repair itself, so keep it clean and clear. Specialty night creams may work, but if you sleep on either side of your face, they can actually create deep lines and increase the impact your pillow has on sagging skin. Keep it as light as possible and make sure any product you use is fully absorbed before catching those 40 winks.

All you’ve got is one skin; treat it with care and respect and you’ll be looking beautiful for a lot longer.