Techniques To Getting Those Lovely Eyelashes

Every woman dreams of having beautiful lashes to set off their lovely eyes. Proper technique in mascara application can help you achieve that. However, a lot of women do not spend the time learning the right methods, and they end up with eyes that look like they belong to a raccoon. Do not let that happen to you. Read this article for some easy tips on applying mascara the correct way.

Mascara comes in a range of qualities. The best thing to do is to try different brands to find the right formula for you. Try out department store brands as well as drug store brands. You do not have to buy the most expensive brand to get good quality, but you should not buy a brand just because it is inexpensive.

When you take the wand out of the bottle, do not pump the wand. If you do, you scrape the mascara residue from the side of the bottle onto your wand which can cause clumps to build up on your wand. Just take out the wand in a smooth motion.

Lovely Eyelashes

Your eyelashes enhance the look of your eyes. So, when you choose a color, you should go with something that will complement your eye color. Try different shades under good, natural light. Get a reliable second opinion.

If you have straight lashes, you can use an eyelash curler to make them curlier. When your lashes are curled up, they open up your eyes to give your eyes a brighter effect.

The wand of your mascara brush can be curved or straight, and your choice depends on how your eyelashes bend. Curved brushes give your eyelashes more of a lift in the middle, while a straight brush creates a more even lift. It really depends on the individual. Try both types of brushes to see which one you prefer.

When you are applying your mascara, blink a few times to ensure that none of the mascara gets above the eyes. You can end up with tiny dots of mascara above your eyes if you do not do this.

When your lashes clump together, separate your lashes with a mascara comb. This will make your lashes look more feathery and light, instead of dark and heavy.

It may obvious, but avoid putting on your mascara in the car. Mascara application takes a steady hand, and you cannot get a steady hand when the car is constantly moving. If you are on the road, pull over and park for five minutes instead of doing it in a moving car.

This also seems obvious, but do not apply mascara without a mirror. Mascara application takes precision. You are dealing with a very small area around your eye, and you are using something that can clump and stain easily. Always carry a pocket mirror with you.

If you have applied too much mascara to an area, you can thin it out by removing the excess with a cotton swab and a little bit of lotion. This will break up the clumps and even out the application.

How to get beautiful lashes is no longer a mystery. Follow these suggestions and you can have eyelashes that are the envy of your friends.