The Importance of Feeling Beautiful

It is a common misconception that beauty is vanity. It has been proven that looking and feeling your best has major benefits for those of all ages and genders.

Beauty and confidence go hand in hand when it comes to feeling good. When a person feels beautiful it creates confidence. When person feels confident, that creates a sense of being more beautiful. Feeling in touch and pleased with yourself reduces stress, provides mental clarity and makes one more happy.

It has been a common and truthful saying that you have to love yourself before you can love another. When you are confident in yourself and pleased with yourself, you will be much more likely to love and treat yourself well. This confidence can easily be carried over into fruitful, positive relationships. Whether these relationships are among friends family or someone you just met, your positive aura will infect others around you.

Feeling Beautiful

Humans have revered beauty for centuries, its human nature to strive for an enhanced appearance. Ancient Egyptians used lead ore as eyeliner and facial makeup. Women once used arsenic, mercury and other dangerous metals to create a pale appearance. There is even history of drinking blood and using urine to change the appearance. Today, people are obsessed with makeup and trends and there are stores all over the world devoted to beauty.

Looking good sends a signal to your brain and others around you that you are a healthy being. Looking and feeling healthy gives you a sense of well being and the feeling of being well off creates happiness and security. When you take care of your body and appearance, you are helping your body in many different ways which in turn leaves you feeling happy and healthy!

Studies have founded that looking good at work make you more likely for extras like raises and promotions. Wearing work appropriate clothing, subtle makeup and staying well groomed show that you care about yourself and are therefore more likely to care about your responsibilities on the job.

Looking good when out and about has the same principle as looking good at work. Others will perceive you as an individual who cares about their health and other responsibilities. It is quite simple–when you put work into your appearance, others will assume you put the same amount of effort in other areas in your life, thus, making others perceive you in a positive manner.

When you look great, it makes you feel great by creating confidence and a sense of well being. This, in turn, strengthens relationships, makes you more open to job opportunities, and others are more likely to have a positive impression of you.

When you look great, you send feel good signals to the brain that make you feel good inside also. Beauty is not the most important thing in life and can be considered vanity when abused. If you live a balanced life and keep your appearance maintained, you will notice many benefits in many aspects of your life.